Music and Press

“Whirling, party-friendly folk-punk that sounds like what happens when a passed-between-generations songbook has been steeped in a particularly strong batch of homemade wine” — Boston Globe (

“Somerville’s best party band.” — Amelia Mason, WBUR (

“SSO KILLED it” — Mick Greenwood, Midday Records (Link to full review:

“Somerville Symphony Orkestar is the kind of band with a very serious sense of humor.” — Allston Pudding (Link to full review:

“Making over Slavic folk with a jazz-funk infusion” — Denise Lu, Performer Magazine (Link to full review:

“Somerville Symphony Orkestar is the essence of borcht on the rocks.” — The Noise: Boston (Link to full review:

“They played an explosively energetic set…” — Christina Lacoste, The Weekly Dig. 

“It is impossible to listen to their music without being reminded of the old country–whichever country that may be–but at the same time realizing that the sound is something unprecedented.” – WERS 


If you have a music blog or radio show and would like a copy of any of our songs please send an email to The Band with a link to your blog or some info about your show and we will gladly send you a high quality version.