“Somerville’s best party band.” — Amelia Mason, WBUR (

“SSO KILLED it” — Mick Greenwood, Midday Records (Link to full review:

“this is gypsy punk and Somerville Symphony Orkestar is the kind of band with a very serious sense of humor.” — Allston Pudding (Link to full review:

“Somerville Symphony Orkestar is the essence of borcht on the rocks.” — The Noise: Boston (Link to full review:

“Making over Slavic folk with a jazz-funk infusion” — Denise Lu, Performer Magazine (Link to full review:

“A jar of Gypsy tears may not be enough to protect your ears from the spell, but maybe you don’t want to.” — C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush (Link to full review:

“They played an explosively energetic set…” — Christina Lacoste, The Weekly Dig. (Link to full review:

“It is impossible to listen to their music without being reminded of the old country–whichever country that may be–but at the same time realizing that the sound is something unprecedented.” – WERS (Link to full review:


If you have a music blog or radio show and would like a copy of any of our songs please send an email to The Band with a link to your blog or some info about your show and we will gladly send you a high quality version.