Travis Greenleaf Pullman


Travis is most famous for his days as a space cowboy. He traveled the galaxies in his Winnebago playing guitar and doing whatever job he could find. Some jobs we can talk about in public; many we can’t even talk about in private. But all that changed when the ancient Druids needed him to rescue their princess from the Space Vikings. The Space Vikings, most commonly known for their rather large helmets, were holding the Druid princess as ransom for Stonehenge (known at that time as the best stacking game ever, even better than Jenga). Travis devised a plan to give them a fake Stonehenge as a trade for the princess. This worked very well, but as he was leaving with the princess, the Vikings realized that the replica was only 18 inches tall rather than being 18 feet tall. They chased after them and caught them as they were leaving, leading to many years of turmoil for Travis and the princess… or so they thought. It was too late, but they had only caught their stunt doubles. So, to avoid any further troubles Travis disappeared from his travels and joined the crazy SSO only to be seen at their shows. Oh, and we think he may be related to Bill Pullman.

The Band
Joel Edinberg
Pete Fanelli
Greg Toro
Matt Ellis