The Band

Blossoming from the Slavic heart of Greater Boston, the Somerville Symphony Orkestar is an all-original Eastern European Punk Funk band. Formed in 2009, the SSO has been constantly gaining notice from many of the music scenes in and around New England. With the success of their first local release, they have performed for many of Boston’s best festivals including Somerville’s Artbeat Festival and Boston’s First Night.

Raised by a pack of gypsy badgers, band leader Joel Edinberg wrote the first SSO song after waking up in the middle of a random Tuesday night. Checking the next morning to see if the song was any good, he realized it was his duty to further form the band. After meeting guitarist and space cowboy Travis Pullman along with his buddy and former dictator, Richey Talley, the new team traveled the world to find the best musicians. Searching the mountains of Nepal, the rivers of the Amazon, and hitching a ride on Curiosity, the three eventually found the final musicians who would complete the amazing circus that is the SSO. Finally reaching out to Belarus, Syracuse, and some random rooftop; Matt Ellis, Pete Fanelli, and Gabriel Solomon all joined in after some serious musical persuasion. With their powers combined, the SSO beats Balkan, Klezmer, and traditional Russian music into a funk-punky pulp. Complex six-piece arrangements reign in the chaos only to explode into equal parts mosh-pit and horah.
Joel Edinberg
Pete Fanelli
Gabriel Solomon
Travis Pullman
Richey Tally
Matt Ellis