Matt Ellis


Matt was born and raised in West Lithuania. Even though he had cousins that were members of the royal family of Belarus, he spent most of his time in the local playground just hanging out with his friends playing basketball. But then one day, there was a group of thugs that wanted to make some trouble in his neighborhood. But Matt felt very protective of his playground and got into a small fight with the thugs. Once his mom saw heard of the news, she got scared sent live with his Aunt and Uncle in Belarus. So he whistled for a cab and when it came near, it had a license plate that said fresh and it had dice in the mirror. If anything, this cab was quite rare, but he didn’t mind so he told the cab driver, “Yo homes, to Belarus!.” He showed up at his Uncles around 7 o’clock. He looked around the kingdom as he was finally there. And that’s how he became the fresh prince of Belarus.
Matt uses Soultone cymbals.

The Band
Joel Edinberg
Pete Fanelli
Travis Pullman
Greg Toro