Gabriel Solomon


The son of a chimney sweep, Gabriel “Bid Daddy” Solomon grew up living on rooftops while his father would work.  On his seventh birthday, his family bought him a violin to give him something to do, while his dad cleaned chimneys.  His parents quickly noticed his talents and started putting on “Roof Top Concerts” to earn some extra money.  Things were going very well, until in 2007 when a devilishly handsome guy with a goatee and crazy curly hair challenged him to a fiddle competition.  If Gabe won then he would be given a golden violin, but if he lost he would have to join the Somerville Symphony Orkestar.  He promptly agreed, even though he knew there could be nothing worse than playing in the SSO.  He practiced for days and days and ended up completely destroying at the competition.  It did help that his challenger was a sax player and not a violinist.  But after his victory, he realized that the Somerville Symphony Orkestar was a really fun band and promptly said goodbye to the proper rooftop concerts and hello to the crazy debauchery of the SSO.

The Band
Joel Edinberg
Pete Fanelli
Travis Pullman
Richey Tally
Matt Ellis